Early voting has been under way for over a

month & More. And, The Numbers Are Very

(Turn out; Vote!)

staggering. Almost 10x’s the turnout from

2016. That won’t help Orange Anus. And it

is getting even higher by the day. Vote like

your Lives Depend On it, because they DO!

The Republican’s Female Scalia Had A Bad

day On the Hill. Turns Out When you are a

hired ‘Shill’ For Trump / Far Right Religious

zealots You forget ‘Stuff’ like the 5 Parts of

The 1st Amendment. Oooops. And, in What

can only be called the biggest mistake in tv

(Don’t Watch It)

History  (After Fish Police) NBC You Later

just Booked Orange Asshole to run Along

Side ‘Biden’s’ Town Hall AFTER Rump Did

the quitting. NBC won’t recover after this

NOTE: As tRump Still Holds Rally’s Infecting The Very
Voters who Need to help Elect him will all get it. Welp
fine by me. Darwin award winners without intelligence

Have a “Safe” day!


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