220K Dead, Sham & 10.6+-17%…

October 13th, 2020

As we deal with A Republican controlled

Government (Senate, Executive, DOJ, &

(<-The GOP)

Treasury) All Doin’ NOTHING To Help Us

during A COVID Pandemic That Has Now

Taken 220,000+ American Lives. This is

unheard of in modern history & no other

Country “looks” To US For Guidance Any

longer. In fact, they Ignore tRump/us at

all Costs. People are dying/in need while

Republican’s play Partisan Games trying

(You see it!)

to historically unheardof ram a supreme

court Pick Thru who was Hand Picked by

tRump and Ultra Far Right Wing Lunatic

Conservative groups. D-Whitehouse laid

out the corrupt SCOTUS bribe process in

detail. The American People aren’t havin’

it Anymore. This is OUR Country, United

we stand. And while the polls show a big


ass blow out & Early Voting is at historic

levels…we must Send a Message to them

they Will Never forget. Out all the R’s Go

NOTE: Kentucky, Just Saw Amy McGrath Debate Mitch
“trumps moscow bootlicker” McConnell. It Was a blood
Bath. He Ignored bribes charges of his big pharma ties
While laughing about doing nothing during a pandemic
This Will Effect Seniors Voting There…….You just Watch

Have a “Safe” day!


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