These are truly amazingly insane times

We are Living Thru History right now &

(<-He Gone)

for one Orange Lump of shit, things are

going from bad, to “hearse”. He’s down

by 12 points according to Rassumson &

even worse in others. He’s fallin’ so fast

Don’t let those lull You Into inaction. In

fact, NOW is the time to all turn out the

vote Even More. I quote Coach Yoast, in

the Movie, Remember The Titans:  “Run

it Up Herman, Leave no Doubt!”. And in

tonight’s Exercise You Will “See” a lying


Bullshitter Pretending He isn’t Trumps

Puppet Toy & failing; against A Critical

thinking Tactician, Who Will Allow Him

the ability 2 expose himself as a fraud

Give A Moron the Chance and they will

destroy themselves…….you can book it

And, Pence, will go down with the Ship

NOTE: Republican Martha McSally Just Handed
The Election To Mark Kelly. D’s Will Be Winning
At Historic Levels to Start the End of Trumpism
NOTE II: Crazy Qannon is Socially done. Ooops
U break the rules, lie, spread hate/violence bye

Have a “safe” day!


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