As the World has Effectively contained

COVID (Except India, Brazil, & Russia)


WE are still Dying Daily by the 1,000’s

Say, Why Is that?!?!?! Well, we have a

Lying Orange Fucking Lunatic In Office

who Knew This Was Horrifically Deadly

and did NOTHING. Nor did Republicans

in office, they, Along with him just lied

They Are ALL Running, From The Press

& All Stand With Trump, While Running

away from reality. Well, a reporter just

asked “Why did you lie?!”. And, he lost

(“Da fuck?”)

it cause He’s Fucked. And the Polls are

hardening In Time. Run it Up, leave no

Doubt ‘About’ It. Send Every R Packing

NOTE: Republican’s, Offered ‘NOTHING’ to Help
American’s. Nothing. And It Was Flatly Rejected

Have a “safe” day!


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