He hey all my good people of the world!

It’s been A While. Working Tirelessly on


a New Big Project. Details will be Given

to you Soon. And in that Down time we

all got Enjoy A LaborLess Day weekend

(While 9% of Us Are Laborless on every

day). Durin’ that down time the Orange

Anus Maligned US Troops, Calling Them

“Suckers” & “Losers”, Had A Big Article

in the Atlantic come out where top aids

in those direct Conversations spoke out

against this disgusting hate. And, in the

best Analogy to Date, a group of Trump

(<-Ha ha ha)

Boaters in Texas, Had 5 of ‘Their Boats’

sink, with 2 Endin’ up at the Bottom of

Lake Travis. We shall never forget; how

fucking ignorant these People really are

And his Polls are “sunk” as well. It only

Matters, With “Historic” Voter Turn Out!

NOTE: That ‘Republican Trump Loving’ Sturgis
Bike Rally Was A COVID Super Spreader Event
And Water Is Wet. Well No Shit! Fucking Idiots
Tomorrow: Brexit 2.Blow More Lies, Same Shit

Have a “safe” day!


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