As the Orange Asshole Manchild does his

best “Child Flinging shit” Impression, the

(We Know)

rest of world “struggles” with a pandemic

He can’t lead, Help, or care about a thing

So, he is “sowin'” the racist seeds of hate

to distract. It caused racists in Indiana to

“Lynch” A Black Man ‘Openly’ During The

day at a Park. Warning, this is disturbing

Forget it is 2020. The ‘Time’ has Nothing

to do with it. This is illegal, Unacceptable

& the Cops who Went there should all be

(<-Racist criminals)

charged Along With The Racists fuckers

THIS, WILL, NOT, STAND. It, is, A Hate

crime, Echoes Exact Words That Trump/

Followers Spew & they should Clearly be

charged here. All while Col Vindman the

Hero Who Blew the Whistle On the fatty

Orange Treason Bag, Has now Quit. Yes,

He Did it Over Bullying, & Spite Backlash

NOTE: We’ve reached 3 Million+ of COVID Cases
In the US under Failed Leadership like Pence and
Dump. They Are Now Trying to Bully/Hide Reality

Have a “safe” day!

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