The Orange Anus is falling at a rate so Rapid

it’s like Gravity Can Take a break cause he is

(Going down!)

doing just fine on his own. And while he will

try yet another “new klan rally” in Tulsa, OK

he legally asked his racist sheep 2 waive all

COVID Problems, From Attending His “Hate”

rally intentionally on The Anniversary of the

Tulsa Race Massacre, Against Black Citizens

This IS Racist, it is ‘intentional’ & will not be

tolerated by Actual Human Beings. The Rest

of the Republican Party left today, will All go

down with a leaking, rat infested Racist Ship

(So long!)

And, Speaking Of “Utter Failures”, a NASCAR

racist moron Who Quit over the Confederate

Flag ban, Has ‘Insulted’ More Races, than he

won. Ha ha ha ha. What a Fat, Loud, Lazy as

fuck LOSER Pile of Shit. Ooooooooooooooops

NOTE: A Black Eye For Chicago Cops Who Holed Up And
Just Kicked Their Feet Up, eating & Lounging As the City
Burned In Bobby Rush’s Office. That will Not Stand Nope
And, It Will Not Infect The GREAT Cops Who Serve Us all

Have a “safe” day!


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