As the world’s mourning George Floyd’s senseless

death at the hands of immoral murderer, the rest


of the world cries at way more lost lives from an

insane Virus Like COVID. And the funeral was So

very Warm, loving & WILL effect positive change

for all of society. But racists really really really all

hate that. Well Guess what? Nobody gives a flyin

fuck WHAT They Like. And No One Cares What a

tiny Handed Lying Hateful Racist Asshole Tweets

anymore Either. Spewing hate & lies Will Just be

ignored. The entire Nation has an Election to win

This November. Banishing Everything, About Him

(We Know)

AND The ENTIRE Republican Party Who Enabled

him to enact such “Hate”. And even as other Vile

Republican’s Try to “Suppress” Voting Right Way

down in Georgia. It won’t work. Turn out to burn

them Out of EVERY Office so They Hold no Power

Every Voice Will be Heard & every voted Counted

NOTE: Racist KKK Nazi’s All Arrested And Charged With
Crimes against Humanity. Lock Emmm all Up. Tick Tock

Have a “safe” day!


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