In what can only be called violent, ignorant,

and a callous indifference to humanity itself

(Graphic Warning!)

police shoved down an innocent 75 year-old

man Who Cracked His Head Open, from the

shove. Then, they ALL walked by. That level

of Sociopathology isn’t fit for duty. The cops

were suspended without pay. What?!?!?!?!?!

Just Suspended? They should be Charged in

battery. And 57 Other Pricks Quit Over their

punishment. Good, get the Fuck out of there

(Put him away)

All As far right wing racists Want to start the

next Civil War. Nope, it is Not Gonna happen

All as We lost 111,145 Lives to this Pandemic

NOTE: Trumps Tries To Piss On George Floyd’s Grave
Claiming, He Is Looking Down Saying, “Jobs Numbers”
Are, “A Great Thing”. What A Disgusting Piece of SHIT
It Won’t Work. This Is About Change he Doesn’t Want

Have a “safe” weekend!


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