As COVID is still a threat with 110,113 who have died

In the United States we are healing. As far as the rest


of society Seeking Basic Human rights of equality for

everyone Under the Law, we push forward for results

that Are COMING FAST now. Even though The Entire

Republican Party is Now “Trapped” in Racist 40’s Jim

Crow Era like Rand Paul…and every other Single Shit

Republican Left Standing, in Their Shitty Party Today

Voters Are About to Make Every Republican In Office

saying NOTHING, Hiding & Agreeing, With These Vile

immoral racist policies pay with all their fucking jobs

See Trump/Republicans, Are 20 points underwater in


getting “Independent Votes” & dropping. All Of these

Peaceful Protests, Good Cops & humanity All moving

Forward Together, Spells REAL Reform And Progress

No Amount of Hate, Lies, Force Or will Stop this Now

NOTE: William Barr, Ordered The Military Police To Use Force
of stun grenades, tear gas & Violence against peaceful people
Forget It’s Against the law, He’s been breaking THAT since he
walked into office. He Also hired a nameless army to hit folks

Have a “safe” day!


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3 Responses to “Racist Rand, Peaceful Progress…”

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