This is the Hardest post I have ever had to write

The Valid Peaceful Protests Over The evil Murder


of George Floyd At the Overt hands of an utterly

inhumane Un-fit Cop were Interrupted by Some

Criminal Violent Looting Anarchist Terrorists. In

no way does that affect or change the subject of

the Dire need of Racially sound law Enforcement

reform. Burnin’ down Cop cars, lootin & Breakin

widows doesn’t solve this problem. As my entire

Neighborhood Burned Saturday, As I Pleaded, in

vain with the Violent Anarchists that Organizing,


Voting, holding these racist factions in power all

ACCOUNTABLE is The Key. They Didn’t care. In

fact, this was All Coordinated terrorism all as a

racist, Immoral, Evil fat coward HIDES in his lil

house. He Stokes This Hate. Do, not, let, Him or

any racist win. WE will win And out of all of this

so many HERO’S have All Risen. George Floyd’s

brother Terrance, Killer Mike, Mayors, the Cops,

Community Leaders, Organizers, Etc. Do Not let


them Highjack the new Policing Policy that does

need to b Enacted here. We have hope, justice’s

coming & it’s Coming FAST. We can only do this

together. Chicago & this country will recover, we

will become stronger; trump’s hate will not stand

NOTE: The Minnesapolis Autopsy Was Partisan Trash Lies
the ACTUAL objective autopsy confirms death by homicide
This Isn’t Up For Debate. He Was Murdered By THE COPS
And anything else would be an Abject Lie. The frauds who
put together the doctored autopsy should also be Charged

Have a “safe” day!


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