You’ve all heard the phrase “You can’t swing a dead

cat in here, Without Hitting Two People you know…”


1st, who The Fuck is Swinging Dead animal Carass’s

around? And 2nd is this a “Thing” I just never did or

heard About?!?! Don’t Know, buuuutttttttt it’s pretty

damn weird. In any Case just say “I know a shitload

of people” & put this dumb phrase to bed…or Bury it

NOTE: Rush Drummer & One Of THE Best Drummers, In Music
History, Neil Peart has Died At The Age Of 67 of “Brain Cancer”
Can’t scream this enough. I HATE CANCER so much. It has just
Taken so many of my Family/Friends. He was a fucking Legend
NOTE II: Secretary of Defense, Admits he Lied About Their Iran
drone killing. There was NO Imminent threat they have offered
None. The SCIFF Congressmen ALL said they were told Nothing

Have a weekend!


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