As the World burns around us, we have an Orange

slice of douche making matters worse daily. And it


is not even close Anymore. In a fat, long, rambling

incoherent stream of gibberish; he strung together

a pile of lies, Threats, then Obama bashin’. This is

simply An Insanely Incompetent Child Flinging shit

against the wall Yelling “It’s a masterpiece!”. No It

is Not & it Makes Our Entire Country Weaker Every

second he Speaks/Acts. And right now, it’s dividing

REPUBLICANS. Yes, you Read the correctly. This is

significant. The Iran “assassination briefing” did not

go “well” at all. In fact, 2 of the senate Republicans


were SO PISSED off after that they went out to tv

reporters RAILIN’ Against Trump/Them. Is this All

just for “show”, then the usual “Trump Ass Kissing”

starts all up again?!?! We shall see but this fight in

their party between the “Hawks” & the “doves” will

not endwell. This is law, the constitution & the war

powers of our Country. This is NOT a fucking game

NOTE: The Royals “Step Back” From Their Senior British Royal
Family Duties In surprise Move. They are Far more progressive

Have a day!


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