Another Day, another Indefensible pile of

Un-American “Bullshit” From Republicans

(“Wait, stop!”)

There were 3 constitutional experts and 1

“Here, Is My Unverified Incorrect Opinion”

in Jonathan Turley. Oh boy you know shit

is VERY ‘Bad’ For Republicans floundering

when TWO FOX Legal Experts just Stated

“Turley Is Simply WRONG!”. Wow. And, it

got Worse. Yep you Read that Correctly &

1 Professor Pamela Karlan, came In like a

Hammer. Thor’s Hammer. And, Struck At


the very Heart Of R-Rep Doug Collins and

their Disgustingly Immoral “Partisan Lies”

defense. They are playin’ games. And this

is as SERIOUS as it gets. It, Is SO Clearly

over. In the next days & months it will get

worse. And Historically, Republicans really

deserve Everything coming their way. And

there Will Be ‘NO RECOVERY’ from all of it

(Ya, done!)

And as ALL of this Is Occurring. Rudy G is

still openly CRIMING in Ukraine. Ooooops

NOTE: Trump Runs From The NATO Summit In A
Huff After Being Mocked By World Leaders. Ha Ha
The Child will yell Louder Daily until He’s removed

Have a day!


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