At least 3 states are voting today. Make sure ya

VOTE! If Turnout’s high, Democrats will win and


if it’s Average or low, they won’t & that’s Terrible

It’s in YOUR hands Citizens, what will you do?!?!

And as the nation votes today, a jury gets picked

to end Rodger Stones Freedom today. He’s really

Going Down Badly Here. He Not Only Lied To FBI

Agents, he Covered up his Ties to WikiLeaks, and

That’s Gonna End Him. And, Even More Damning

testimony Confirming ‘Trumps Extortion’ And His

(Ya Fucked)

Blackmail of the Ukraine President all Comes out

we have one of Rudys buddy’s who was arrested

now FLIPPING. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oooooops

This confirms Trump Is done. Now the more of a

link he puts with Everyone else, which he will do,

the faster they ALL go down. Jenga! Ya all go bye

NOTE: Rand Paul decided 2 Violate the Law, which Is
What Most Republicans Do Daily. They, Will Rue THIS
Day. This Is One More Nail in all Their Political Coffins
NOTE II: Racist Acid Attack By, A Racist MAGA Fucker

Have a day!

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