Republicans Turning & 54%…

October 18th, 2019

Most all Republican’s, are barreling towards

the cliff in their trump train. Either unaware

(Bye Bye)

or just trying to ignore the cliff thinking they

just Jump off. Ahhhhhhhh, no. There Will be

those who go Over The Cliff. However, a few

more have started popping OFF it………..daily

John Kasich, Francis Rooney And Also some

generals, all Came Out Against Orange Idiot

And as The Remaining Republicans play with

their Lives/Our Country/our futures the polls

are ‘Damning’. 54% & RISING DAILY Are All


In Favor of This Impeachment inquiry From

office. Oh boy! Sure, stick with your orange

Asshole & perish. Meh, the damage he does

until removed could be everlasting. Get him

out now before we fully become Russia/iran

NOTE: Brexit Has A Procedural Vote Tomorrow. It Will
Be The same outcome As May But MAY-be Worse. See,
This New Deal, Is WORSE than May’s Other 3. And the
Labor Party won’t ‘Touch’ it, So It’s DOA In Parliament
Then, Call A Vote Of No Confidence For PM BJ to end it

Have a weekend!

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