While the Orange Anus does his best “Oh woe

is me” Bullshit Partisan Victim lies, he tried to

(<-Lying POS)

use an “older deal on paper” as a “Prop” while

trying to answer “Serious” Questions From the

Press About, Mexico “Tariffs”. What, An, ‘Utter’

lunatic lying Idiot. And as he was busted for It

he “rage tweeted” all day long simply trying to

distract from ‘Obvious Legal Oversight’ that is

coming faster than the speed of light. The day

where all of these Criminals Will be Held to an

account Approaches. And when we need other

voices to speak Up About Injustice, Inaction &


indifference, Jon Stewart Does For all the 9/11

1st Responders, Who are dying daily without a

clean Healthcare Bill/Coverage, for all of These

Brave Hero’s. And I Say, it’s About Damn Time

And More Will Rise Daily. This lunacy Must End

NOTE: R-Justin Amash, Quits “Freedom Caucus” As
He Sites Their Lack of Conservative Views and JUST
Being Partisan Pro-Trump Immoral Sycophant Idiots

Have a day!


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