The Democratic leadership had a Closed door

meeting yesterday about what to do with one

(“1 Felon!”)

certain Orange Assface ‘Ruining’ Our country

It was “Heated”, Calls for “Impeachment” all

rang out loudly & it ended with Pelosi saying,

“I Don’t Want him Impeached, I want him In

Prison!!!”. GOOD! On that, the ENTIRE world

agrees. Now it’s just a matter of will, which if

they do not swiftly have grave legal remedies

& Political ones, their party will live In Unrest

Today, we ‘celebrate’ the 75th Anniversary of

D-Day. We Honor The ‘Memory’ of Those who

(“Friendly Stripes”)

gave an ultimate sacrifice fightin’ for freedom

against all the “horrific ternary” of racist Nazi

Fascism. And today, we must ALL do our part

stoppin its brief reemergence, never to return

Trump represents the exact OPPOSITE of the

WWII vets Politically Speaking. He & his hate

is what the World fought & defeated. Go away

Have a day!


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