Seems the rest of the worlds knows exactly

who/what Trump is. And As ‘Boo’s’ reigned

(No, they weren’t)

Down, On His Daughter/Bolton/’Trumpism’

that All Became Crystal Clear; ONLY To us

Humans Living In Reality. For Him & all of

the FOX Faux Crew, they just lied About it

trying To Avoid Horrible Realities That Are

piling up Daily. Even Republicans Are Now

turning on the Toddler Tan Tub these days

when it comes to “tariffs”. Why?! All of the

donors are getting “hurt” in the market. So


While Rome Burns, Our Lying Racist DUMB

as all fuck President thinks he knows every

Irish American. Ahem, if He “Met Me” he’d

have trouble sitting down…with my foot up

his fat, flabby ass and who “enables” All of

this Lunacy? Our $ for “Ad Revenue” Media

They Prefer The WWF lies/fighting over the

facts. And that’s the Greatest fuck up of all

NOTE: Donald “AssFace” AND Republican Anti-Climate
Science Deniers Do Not Know The Difference Between
“Weather” & “Climate”. It’s Fairly Simple Shit Kids get

Have a day!


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