UK Rejects Trump…

June 3rd, 2019

While Jared “I will so be Jailed Pretty Soon”

Kushner does his best “He’s not Racist but

(<-Criminal Fraud)

I sure will ignore the racist Birtherism shit”

dodges obvious realities making him much

creepier; the rest of the world’s watching a

UK country Roast Trump. Protests, flubs &

more as an Orange Toddler That Should so

already Be indicted/Impeached Stomps On

others “Free” as A Bird. A Fat, Loud, Racist

bird. Well, times they are a changing and it

means Trumps Transition Guy & Now Child

“Porn” Cretin George Nader Sang like a big

(Obama v Trump UK)

old fat Canary. And, We Also now Have the

House Oversight Committee voting to hold

Both AG Barr & Wilbur Ross, In “Contempt

of Congress. Oooooooooooooops. Tick tock

NOTE: ICE “Deaths” Were Very Preventable and it
Defies All Humanity, That These “Heinous Criminal
Deaths” Even Happened. This is “Immoral” Murder

Have a day!


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