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With Georgia trying in enact Illegal, Unconstitutional lunatic “Antiabortion” laws, Alabama all just shouted (Barbaric liars) “Hold my beers!!!”. Forget This will be Overturned by the courts at every major level. Forget they want any one raped or a Victim of Incest to CARRY that fucked up spawn of hell to term, they want People […]

The Orange Slime KFC Bucket just shit The Bed On His Lunatic “Tariffs”. All Of (What a douche) the DOW/Market today told him He’s a dumb son of a bitch. Tariffs are paid by The “Consumer”. ALWAYS. The Country that gets hit, Moves the Price Up to the amount of the Tariff. Jeeeeeez he’s just […]

Mitchy ” Turtle” McConnell Was On FOX’s PR Propaganda Tonight with Hannity lying to all (<-Vote It Out!) the world. He said about the Don jr subpoena “Well the good news, Burr has Already indicated that the committee will find no Collusion. I think it’s going to have a Happy Ending…it’s just a blip” Ahhh […]

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how things are falling Apart in Trumps Criminal world. Don Jr is soooooo (Busted!) fucked. When “Another” Republican is Doing the diggin, it’s not partisan bullshit. It is just criminal Actions. Trump is panicking. And he should be; still don’t trust Burr. I will need to See his objectivity (IF he Has it). Orange […]

Orange Fuckbucket, Lost $1.17 Billion From 1985-1995 Over 10 Years. This Was Already (We know) said over & over & over & over; you were all WARNED he Was a 2 Bit Con man lying Shit bag. He’s the lying racist fraud biggest loser William Barr Is Now legally Held In Inherent Contempt Of Congress. […]

Everyone knows Trump’s guilty. Including EVERY Republican. That’s Why they Want (<-Member this?) everything to be “over”. Well, it’s not over Not by A LONG shot. 691 “former” federal Prosecutors, ALL Know Trump “Broke” the Law. Mueller Knows It, Barr Knows It & Is “Trying” To Bury/Ignore It, & Republicans know It Attempting to Scream […]

Well, here we are. Barr Failed to Hand over the Full Redacted Mueller Report. Mnuchin & Rettig (“I do crimes”) ignored The Legal Lawful request for “Trumpys” Taxes. They Might want to Learn the legal term “Inherent Contempt Of Congress”. Currently all of them will be experiencing it. That means that the people Sited in […]

Hope you Go Out an Rock your Kentucky Derby Weekend like an old man on a big (Run Baby!) rocking Chair!! In The meantime, Buckle Up For Monday. If Barr, Doesn’t Produce the Full Mueller Report, The “House” Will vote to hold him in contempt of congress They Control The House so there is not […]

Pelosi made Barr’s Lying to Congress Clear, “That’s a crime”. It certainly is, just go ask (Ha ha ha!) Michael Cohen how that “Worked Out” For him?! Jail. That’s How. And With Barr Now “skipping” pulling a “No show” to a House committee subpoena; well now he’s gonna be held In Contempt of Congress For […]

It, Is, over. The Sittin’ AG of the United states lied about the Mueller report To Where Robert (Barr Lied!) Mueller Angrily Told him So, lied to Congress & just Perjured Himself today in the Hearings Now Begins the Next 2/3 Months of Watching Trump/Barr/The Entire Republican Party, Left Standing, All End Their Political Party/Careers […]

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