Ahhh, No. This Fraud, Does More “Cover Ups”

than a coked up father playing peekaboo with

(We Know)

their baby. And, Things will be Getting Worse

In what can only be Called A “Hail Mary” by a

sock armed Toddler, Orange Idiot tried his all

but best “No Cover Up” Bit in a failed attempt

to ignore the mountin’ legal, financial & Overt

political impeachment Trouble Hammerin him

It’s not workin’. Legal issues have no emotion

in them. In their Outcomes, yes. In their basic

(“Distraction” fail)

Decision Making, No. No Politics. No Spin. NO

games. That Means, Trump Can’t do Anything

in this Arena. NOTHIN’. He’s so Massively out

of his depth here; and it’s showin’. Imagine in

everything he’s doing it’s making it worse and

that is something amazing To See. The rank &

file Democratic Party seems to Want to launch


more Than an inquiry. They see Impeachment

This is Happening, right now, and in Real Time

NOTE: Judge Rules AGAINST Trump’s Request To ‘Halt’
Releasing His Banking Records. He’s Now 0-2 & climbin’
Lower Into The Dark Hole. This Shit, Lands Him In JAIL

Have a day!


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