With Georgia trying in enact Illegal, Unconstitutional

lunatic “Antiabortion” laws, Alabama all just shouted

(Barbaric liars)

“Hold my beers!!!”. Forget This will be Overturned by

the courts at every major level. Forget they want any

one raped or a Victim of Incest to CARRY that fucked

up spawn of hell to term, they want People to go to a

JAIL For it. For YEARS!!! They Want People Who Do a

lawful act to go to “Jail”, but REFUSE to have a group

of Nut Job Racist Red-Necks with Guns to never see a

jail cell. Nothing like Hypocrisy over lunacy for the far

right these days. They are 0-27, losin’ Daily & wonder

(No shit!)

why the world Isn’t Bending to their Insane Views. Um

call It a bad case of “Reality”. It seems to goin’ around

NOTE: Listen, To WGN Radio Podcast. Patti Vasquez, Was A
Blast, And You Can Thank Me Later. Bring it my Cool people
NOTE II: The Democrats Nadler, Neal & Pascrell jr are Utter
COWARDS In Not Declaring Inherent Contempt Of Congress
ARRESTING Mnuchin, Kline, Barr & more. You utter Cowards

Have a day!


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