Mitchy ” Turtle” McConnell Was On FOX’s PR

Propaganda Tonight with Hannity lying to all

(<-Vote It Out!)

the world. He said about the Don jr subpoena

“Well the good news, Burr has Already indicated
that the committee will find no Collusion. I think
it’s going to have a Happy Ending…it’s just a blip”

Ahhh ya can’t have an independent committee

deciding BEFORE A Person “Subpoenaed” even

COMES before the Committee. That’d be a nice

trick. They are Panicked and they all Should be

Oh and for a Fun Friday, Enjoy This little Cretin

Ben Shapiro, Ending His “Never Was” career as

he was Also a Should’ve “Never Been”. He’s not

(He’s done!)

only wrong at Every Turn, he offered No Actual

Substantive Response. Just Fallacy’s, Attacking

the Reporter, Who is Right Wing, that he Fucks

Up Labeling As “Left Wing”. Oooooooooooooops

NOTE: ‘Barbaric’ Georgian UnConstitutional Abortion Law
Will Not Only Be “Overruled”, It’s Illegal Induction Is Now
A Point, To Now END This Type of overt Religious Fascism

Have a weekend!


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