Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how things are falling Apart

in Trumps Criminal world. Don Jr is soooooo


fucked. When “Another” Republican is Doing

the diggin, it’s not partisan bullshit. It is just

criminal Actions. Trump is panicking. And he

should be; still don’t trust Burr. I will need to

See his objectivity (IF he Has it). Orange Ass

Clown is now Fighting A 15 front War & losin’

EVERY, SINGLE, ONE, Of Them. Barr, Is also

very fucked. And He Thinks it’s “hilarious” by

“joking” about it. He is Playing with Fire. The


House Can Site him in Inherent Contempt Of

Congress, Thereby JAILING his Corrupt Lying

ass. He who laughs last……laughs the loudest

Have a day!

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