Everyone knows Trump’s guilty. Including

EVERY Republican. That’s Why they Want

(<-Member this?)

everything to be “over”. Well, it’s not over

Not by A LONG shot. 691 “former” federal

Prosecutors, ALL Know Trump “Broke” the

Law. Mueller Knows It, Barr Knows It & Is

“Trying” To Bury/Ignore It, & Republicans

know It Attempting to Scream “No, it’s All

over!“. No, not even close all you immoral

partisan fuckers. Tomorrow will be the Big

day to see what Legal Push Back comes as

(<-Ur Fucked)

the criminal immoral partisan Republicans

continue To Violate The LAW. It should be

‘Inherent Contempt Of Congress’, Nothing

less. Republicans have sided with criminal

hateful frauds. This does NOT end well for

them. Jail’s the finalstop for these fuckers

The entire WH “tactic” is to stall. Well, you

can “stall” from JAIL then; enjoy! Tick tock

NOTE: Mueller “Tentatively” Scheduled to Testify On
May 15th Before Congress. As Trump/The WH All Try
To “Force him” and McGhan not to. Nope, won’t work
NOTE II: ANOTHER Horrific School Shooting, Another
Day Of NOTHING Done to “Stop” gun Violence AGAIN

Have a day!


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