Hope you Go Out an Rock your Kentucky

Derby Weekend like an old man on a big

(Run Baby!)

rocking Chair!! In The meantime, Buckle

Up For Monday. If Barr, Doesn’t Produce

the Full Mueller Report, The “House” Will

vote to hold him in contempt of congress

They Control The House so there is not a

Damn Thing ‘R’s’ Can do. Checks & Most

important ‘Balances’. They will legally all

lose this. And ignoring the Congressional

requests now in Contempt will lead them

to fines and jail. Yep, end all of this, YOU

(Good luck!)

created it. And don’t be Shocked When A

Contempt Siting For Mnuchin & more Are

ALSO enforced on “Monday”. Criminal ass

holes……Please meet the Law. Ooooooops

NOTE: Orange Fucker, STILL Selling Our Entire Country
To Russia/Putin For What Was Already Given In Finance
This, Is Not Only Illegal/Immoral, It “Ends” Our Country

Have a weekend!


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