Pelosi made Barr’s Lying to Congress Clear,

“That’s a crime”. It certainly is, just go ask

(Ha ha ha!)

Michael Cohen how that “Worked Out” For

him?! Jail. That’s How. And With Barr Now

“skipping” pulling a “No show” to a House

committee subpoena; well now he’s gonna

be held In Contempt of Congress For Sure

Ooooooooops. Ya fucked son; Check mate!

All while Rep Steve Cohen decided to “Fill”

the void of Barr with a Chicken statue and

“Proceed” to Eat A Bucket of KFC. The bell

tolls for thee. Speakin’ of “going down” we

(Yes, step down)

Have The “Mayor” Of Baltimore “Correctly”

stepping down after havin’ given herself a

$500,000 no bid contract for her own little

series Of Children Books. Good! You Break

the law, ya lose your Job; same as anyone

NOTE: The WH/Trump/Flood Are All In “Very” Dangerous
Legal Shit, By Attacking Mueller/Congress. This Ends With
them in Jail for Contempt of congress if they don’t comply

Have a day!


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