It, Is, over. The Sittin’ AG of the United states

lied about the Mueller report To Where Robert

(Barr Lied!)

Mueller Angrily Told him So, lied to Congress

& just Perjured Himself today in the Hearings

Now Begins the Next 2/3 Months of Watching

Trump/Barr/The Entire Republican Party, Left

Standing, All End Their Political Party/Careers

(only Ben Sasse by mycount saved his career)

This Clearly is the “Hill” they want to “die” on

Fine By Me. Senator Hirono Absolutely ‘TORE’

into This Partisan Paper Fraud To where Even

Lady Lindsay has to Feign “Outrage” which Is


a Disgusting joke In & of itself. The only GOP

Committee Plan Was “PIVOT To Russia” & All

our future Elections vs. Obstruction. This was

a lunatic S&M Battle Of Reality VS. A Political

Partisan “Spin”. Kamala Harris Then Got Barr


She, legally factually speaking tore him apart

She was a Sitting AG & Simply Pointed Out in

every Discernable Way, that Barr was not Any

(My Foot?)

Objective Party, And He is in Direct Conflict of

interest. Barr, ergo Trump are both so Fucked

NOTE: Venezuela Going Through It’s Own “Russian Trump”
Effect. It, Will NOT Oust Maduro. Oh NO! This, Ends Russia
NOTE II: Chicagos Kim Foxx, Should BE OUT OF OFFICE &
It Should Happen yesterday. The Special Prosecutor, MUST
Begin their Work. This Isn’t About Race. It Is About Justice

Have a day!


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