Another big vote Defeated a “Leave with a deal

in Place” Brexit Vote. Which ‘Means’, We’re now

(Brexit Voters)

down to just 2 Options. One’s reasonable, the

other is Akin to Putting A Pistol in your mouth

claiming you’re tryin’ to “blow your nose”. It’s

somethin’ to see. Option 1, vote to extend this

to fully Understand the legal, Economic, social,

infrastructure, & Future impact of leaving with

“no Deal” in place. The Other, is Jumping from

an airplane with no Parachute as the ground is

rapidly Approaching. Tomorrow, “No Deal” will

likely die, setting up Thursdays “Article 50 Two

(Yes, we know)

year Extension, Extension” Vote. Which “Means”

Brexit is dead. If That Passes, “Sanity” will have

been restored. For However Long that lasts. Oh,

speaking of lying Assholes Abusing Power While

outright lying to others….we got two big famous

mom’s in Deep Shit for This “College Admissions

Scam”. Felicity Huffman, & Lori Loughlin (A Full

House actor) using cheatin & bribery to get their

asshole Rich Kids into ‘Schools’. Doh! Throw The


book at them so hard, it Ruins all of their plastic

surgery. And as the World Burns, Orange Idiot’s

still tryin his clown show where he doesn’t know

how “Airplanes” work. Sit Down, & wait until jail

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