Democrats “Give Away’s”…

February 13th, 2019

As Orange Anus decides to Play around with

his Golf “Stimulator” during Executive Time,


the rest of citizens wants nothin’ at all given

to The ‘Fat Lying Yelling Sociopathic Toddler’

When you Negotiate with immoral lyin prick

frauds they STILL get somethin’ they always

wanted. Attention. Democrats offered Rump

$1.375 Billion for “barrier funding” in the bi-

partisan deal. How about 0? 0’s a nice round

number. The reason they’re all doing it, is to

keep Government Open. But this is a terrible

(We Know)

precedent┬áto Set. When ever the lil’ Tan Man

wants Congress to do something, he will just

shut it Down Again. Besides, the Lying Fraud

wants to “go around” Congress to “build” his

stupid as all fuck wall. It will not work legally

& his Cheerleaders at FOX/Reich wingers are

all mad. Guess it’s now just the Shart Of The

Heel. All this, as Mueller has 4 more looming

indictments just sitting there waiting. Time’s

(Watchin’ you)

up and there is Nowhere to run to now idiots

NOTE: The White Sox Are Getting Into Full Gear, In Spring
Training. As Are ALL The Teams. Look Out Baseball Is Right
Around The Corner People. Think Spring, And Be Awesome!
NOTE II: Republican West Virginia Lawmaker, Eric “Asshole
Fat Man” Porterfield said the LBGT Community was the kkk
And A Terrorist Group. SO, IN, His ‘MAGA’ Hat, He Hates At
A Level Disgustingly the same as All Trumper Racists/Bigots

Have a day!

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