Camera Man Attacked…

February 12th, 2019

As we are trying to Avert a 2ND Government

Shutdown, “Solely” created by REPUBLICANS

(Hope so!)

And, ONLY for a Wall All of American Doesn’t

want/need, That is like Holding A Gun to The

head of Someone else and when ya get what

you want, un-cocking the hammer. No that’s

not what a Representative Democracy “looks”

like. That’s what overt bullying Looks Exactly

like. Boooooooooo. Speaking of boooooooing

others it seems a man from the MAGA crowd

“attacked a camera man” from the Bbc at an

“Event” held by Rump. He Was Stoking HATE


against the media. This is so vastly dangerous

And This lunacy, must Stop Right now or we’ll

cross a line there’s no Coming Back from guys

It Will lead to Violence unseen in modern ages

NOTE: The El Paso Fire Department Called Out The Liar &
Grief About Crowds, Lies And Outright Utter Bullshit #’ers

Have a day!

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