In what can only be called the “Biggest Waste

Of Time” Known To Man, aside from Watching

(“I’ll not tell”)

paint dry & Hoping Your Cheating Wife Stops

Acting, & I use the term loosely, AG Matthew

“Lex Doucher” Whitaker had to answer many

questions From Congress Today. He didn’t &

it was A Horribly Disgusting Day for All of our

country. Leave No Doubt That he has Already

been A Person Mueller & Crew Have Watched

Today, might just make him a “Target”. Oh &

in The “Holy Shit, She Seriously Loves, Hitler”

(Go Away)

news, Republican Paid Partisan Prick Candace

Owens Loves Adolph Hitler’s Early “Hits”, Just

not his later “Take Over The world” Deep cuts

Today was a very very very badday in ‘merica

NOTE: Jared Kushners “Legal Fees” Were All Paid By
Trumps “Campaign”. Which, Is Under Criminal Legal
Charges. They are All fucked. Sooooooooooo Fucked
RIP: Acting legend Albert Finney has Died at the age
Of 82. He Was simply the Best around. If You want a
Few Good Movies to Watch with him in it: Tom Jones,
Shoot The Moon, Looker & Millers Crossing. Gone but
NEVER forgotten; one of a kind not many like he was

Have a weekend!

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