All Of Those Middle-Class Drumpf “Voters” Just

got bent over a parked flatbed with Truck Nutz

(Truck Nutz!)

The fact that they are surprised IS the Problem

You were Warned, over & over & over & over &

over & over. Did you listen? Nope, all Ya Heard

was hate against minorities/immigrants and ate

up all of his lies. Well, turns out Maga Folks are

very PISSED OFF Now that They’re Paying way

more in taxes. Those tax Cuts were for the Top

1% & Corporations. NOT YOU RUBES!!! And So

Middle Class “MAGA Dads” Are All Freaking Out


You got Suckered by a failed fraud business ass

who had everything handed to him. Speakin’ of

“frauds”, the Bar just lowered another 59 rungs

He got ‘confirmed’ in the House today. Now, he

has to go through the Senate. This is disgusting

RIP: Baseball Belting Legend Frank Robinson Is Dead At 83
What A Shinning Example Of “Professional” & Hall Of Famer

Have a day!

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