Northam Done, SOTU & GTFOOH…

February 4th, 2019

Democrat Governor Ralph “Bigoty Bullshitter”

Northam, will Be Out of office by Tuesday. It


isn’t even close. The racist picture of two shits

in black face AND a Fucking KKK Hood are not

acceptable. Where as the Left cares about the

evil Effects Of Racism. The “entire” Right Wing

is wearing it like Fresh White Robe. As they all

feign outrage, it’s only For Political Reasons, &

they Won’t Touch Their Racist leaders (Trump,

King, McConnell, Sessions, & any sitting bigot

they dig up next). No matter time has past em

(Trumps Lies)

all. Tomorrow’s SOTU’ll Surely Be, The Lowest

in modern History. The entire world has better

shit to do, then listen to lunacy Lies, hate, and

an asshole Spewin’ Gibberish. If you want that

Just Turn On Fox Noise. Mueller Approaches &

he is not Bringing “Hugs”. He is Bringing Hand

cuffs, jail & justice. We’re at GameOver screen

NOTE: Super Bowl, The Worst One, In Modern History By
Five. It Was So Ugly It Felt Like A Baseball Score All Night

Have a day!

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