There are 4 more “Sealed” indictments just waiting

to be opened. Is Don Jr/Kushner’s Name in Them?!

(Not fuckin around)

We will see. It Appears legally likely 1 will be Stone

with “More Charges”, 2 will be the Russian Hackers

who intentionally illegally used Court documents to

undermine Mueller; leaving One left. My guess, the

last One is for Don Jr. As Orange Asshole implodes,

a new honest caring Rational Hero rises. Ellen Page

had the most thoughtful, important anti-hate views

to date. More hero’s will rise Daily. This, must, stop

NOTE: Corey Booker Is Now Running, For POTUS Adding To
The Growing Pool, Of 7 Billion. What Will the Final Field look
Like? My Guess Is, around 23 will be running after all’s done
NOTE II: Virginia Democrat (Which Is Republican If You See
How Joe Machin Does It) Governor Ralph Northam Has year
Book Photo’s That are CLEARLY Racist AS ALL FUCK. WTF?!?
What A Massive Pile Of SHIT!! Get Him Out Of Office NOW!!!

Have a weekend!

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