This, Will, Not, STAND…

January 29th, 2019

An Attack on one, is an attack on all. Period!

Empire actor Jussie Smollet was hospitalized

on Tuesday mornin around 2 a.m after being

(Racism Victim)

assaulted in Chicago which police are now all

investigating as a “possible hate crime”. Wtf?

No more. No Fucking more. This is not some

“game” where Racist people destroy all other

citizens lives. Cops best get to him before we

citizens Do. And by “WE” I mean ‘all’ Chicago

Citizens who will Not Tolerate Racist Violence

Always remain “non-violent”. Shine a light on

them all. End their Hate with a Camera and it

(No shit!)

ends their lives. Social, legal, financial. Gone

In Chicago, We Remember Normandy Beach

& if you think a “Couple” of MAGA hats scare

us, history’s littered with your coward bodies

This, is, TERRORISM. Period; End Of Story &

your time is Up. Not only will they now all be

charged 2 the fullest extent of the law all the

enforcement Agencies both local and Federal

best respond to this racist terrorism. And our

countries Citizens are now ALL engaged. You

(We knew!)

picked a fight with fellow citizens and We can

do this all Day. You immoral Racists Will Lose

NOTE: Historic Cold In Mid-West. Be Safe, Take All
The Correct Precautions, Help Others & Stay WARM
NOTE II: R&B Grammy winning Soul Legend James
Ingram Passed away At 66 was battling Brain Cancer
(NEW INFORMATION states Jussie is lying about it)

Have a day!

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