The FBI, Unpaid Right now I Might Add, were

in full mass to Arrest Rodger Stone. This was

(Stone Turned!)

a clear Show of “Force” to explain to all those

criminal fucks, “We are NOT “Playing” Around

here people”. I told you, right here on Nov 15

this would happen. Called that it Would all go

Right-Thru Either: Don Jr., Kushner, Or Stone

Well, Stone is Off That List. Kushner & Don Jr

are NEXT. Followed, By The Final Two Frauds

Trump/Pence with A Legal KO. And instead of

a “Wall”, It looks like “Trumpers” get a “Cave”

Orange Douche-sicle folded faster than coked

(We told you)

up Superman on Laundry day. If he shuts the

Government Down “Again” in 3 Weeks. It will

fracture The Entire Republican Party for good

If many Stand With him, They Lose their Jobs

See the big Vote was About 6-7 other R’s Shy

from Ignoring Trump On Everything To Break

his Filibuster threat. The means…….Game ova

And From It All Shart Of The Fail Got Nothing

Have a weekend!

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