Michael Cohen said he will “Not” testify before

Congress on February 7th now. He Claims it is

(Hold it, pass out)

because of “Threats” Against his Family by the

Trump Crew. IF that True, it’s Crime #5 billion

by the Orange Shit-sicle. And if not where he’s

just trying to Avoid Further ‘Incrimination’, the

House has subpoena power so that won’t work

Speaking of “Not Working”, our government is

now on day 33 of Shutdown, making it not just

the Longest Ever, but This Actually Violates the

14th amendment, part 4; it address public debt

If you buy it (In which all Workers have already


worked), you ‘OWE’ it. Not Later, not soon but

NOW. Failure to pay it violates the constitution

Pelosi just counter punched “Fatty” right in the

tiny grapes. No SOTU in the House until entire

Government is OPEN. Boom. This Shutdown, is

NOT some Fucking game. It’s citizens lives and

it, is Costing Rump/Republicans, Everything. It

should. “Citizen Hostages” Are ALL the R’s fault

Not just the polls say this. The country ‘says’ it

NOTE: Bank Shooting, In Northern Florida. Five Are
Dead And Awaiting Injury Total. This Is So Wrong &
It Happens Daily In This Country. It is Unacceptable

Have a day!

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