Sociopath Monster & The Slur…

September 13th, 2018

You’d think Trump Couldn’t Hit a Brand new

low?!?! Well, you don’t know his hateful and

(Nothin Left)

racist Sociopathic nature then. He’s has now

denied Puerto Rico’s death toll for hurricane

Maria. WTF?!?!?! Such An Evil, Vile, Monster

No matter, he Will be Dying in Jail Soon and

wondering how it All Happened. Speaking of

hateful racist assholes, the piece of shit does

not fall far from the toilet……or bed dependin

if he’s in Russia Or Not. His Ghoul Son Of An

(Bat Boy)

ass Eric Decided His Anti-Semitic Comments

about Bob Woodward’s book were so needed

Did Nazi that comin (rolls eyes) Yes, I’m lazy

They can’t talk facts/policy, so they go Racist

NOTE: Diane Feinstein, Just Turned Over A Big
Document To The FBI. Kavanaugh’s In Trouble
NOTE II: Manafort Has A Tentative Plea Deal &
It Means, He’s Willing To ‘Provide Mueller’ With
Even MORE Than He Has. Game Over Folks!!!!!

Have a day!

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