Kavanaugh Hurt & Orange Idiot…

September 11th, 2018

Right Now, in Public Polling, With The Mid-Terms

around the corner, the nomination of Kavanaugh

(Member me?!?)

is in Harriet Miers (-1) & Dropping Territory. Ohh

boy, he’s in deep shit. They picked a Partisan Toy

ideologue. That is Not Gonna Get it Done. Call all

of your reps today telling them to vote no on him

Speaking of Batshitcrazy. ‘Orange Anus’ is Now at

it Again With Today’s Pile of dumbass. Everything

from “I helped save people on 9/11”, to making a

“hell yeah” face at the flight 93 memorial to water

(Orange Toddler)

is “tremendously” wet. Wow, this guy is a fucking

insane, Asshole, “Lying prick”, son of Bitch Moron

It’s “Killing” His Already Historically Low Approval

ratings. So what will Mueller hit us with this week?

NOTE: Hurricane Florence Is Coming. It ‘Will Be’, A Very
Large Category 4. All Those In The Carolina’s Leave And
Please Be Safe. That Goes for My Brother & His Wife Joy

Have a day!

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