Yesterday and last Friday. We have been dealing

with a Death in the family. No excuses, just facts

(<R-Goodlatte Liar)

Speaking of “Sorry nothings”…the entire bullshit

theater Today in Congress Against 2 FBI Agents

who had Texts about disliking Trump. Ahem that

Could Be 7 Million REPUBLICANS All “saying” the

exact samething. Forget this is an attempt 2 say

“The Dog Fucked my Homework” for the R’s who

are defending Trump. See, Trumps SCOTUS pick

is another sign of massive guilt in him wantin’ to

never let the POTUS be charged with crimes. It’s

INSANE We’re Here Right Now. INSANE. When it


so obviously clearly “Republicans Playing Partisan”

parlor games, we’re dying. Where are our Hero’s?

Our leaders? Voices for honestly, reality, Justice?!

Without Them, Our Country, Will Die In Plan Sight

Don’t any of us citizens, dare, let, that, happen!!!!

Have a day!

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