So today Racists spewing hate on cell cams,

California ADA’s Inciting Racist Murder, And


Trump Pardoning Felonious Cowboy Criminals

Makes this sadly a very horrific time in the US

history. Make no mistake, there are racist and

they want their hate back. This kind of hate is

not Acceptable Anymore. And using OUR cops

to Enact it, is Even Worse. Full house cleaning

Is needed. No More Of This. Ticket Those who

call The Cops On Citizens for racist reasons. It

Isn’t A Fucking Game. It’s literally life & Death

(It’s fucked up)

Speaking Of Shit Shows, Trumps Big SCOTUS

pick is a far Right wing idealogue. He was one

Part Of The ‘Ken Starr’ Clinton Hate, The 2000

Stolen Election & has a 99% Republican rating

He’s the Far right wing partisan hack to tilt the

court forever right. That’s all. When goin’ after

Clinton in The 90’s, he Unloaded & Now Trump

is fucked, He Changed his stance to Never ever

being able to punish a sitting POTUS. WTF?!?!?

(Far right winger)

Every sitting Congress person should fight this

fucking lunacy With Every inch. If they don’t it

is likely they will be gone in November if up for

re-election. This is next level evil shit. VOTE!!!!

Have a day!

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