Today and tonight America votes. This is

no ordinary election season. No, not by a

(Better have)

long shot. This fall in November things’ll

get down right special. If turn out’s high

you see A blue wave. If low, Business as

usual letting the Sociopaths run shit into

the ground. Speaking of “Holy Dumbass”

Batman, Trump Does not know Anything

of History. NOTHING. He “Thinks” All the

Canadians burned the White house down

in the War Of 1812. Yes, a Stable Genius

Ahem, It Was Britain. Yes, Canada at the


time was an Ally of Britain. And we sorta

tried Invading them time and time again

After all Britain “looked” at This War as a

Side Show, due to their Escalating issues

with France. The British, Used Canada as

a Bargaining chip. This fucking idiot, can

not find his own Fat Ass With both hands

and a flash light! If you want to know the

Content Of ‘Character’, Of Robert Mueller

just read this. He isn’t Fucking around, &

(It is)

Trump Kicking him in the face again and

again…will end him faster then he knows

Have a day!

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