Face it, there simply is NO comparison

One, while Upsetting to some is simply

(What are we?!?!)

rude/uncouth/lazy. And The other’s an

attempt 2 systematically oppress/hate/

& Discriminate To inflict social/financial

Emotional/Personal ‘Pain’ On A Minority

Group. Again, NO Comparison With em

And the vulgarity Sam Bee used was in

a Piece Calling out abuse of children so

There Simply Never’ll be A Comparison

NONE but Racists Will Do Anything and

(It is!)

I mean anything tying to create a False

Equivalency. It helps them try to avoid

all their deepseeded hatred inside. See,

people who Aren’t Racist don’t ever get

offended when race Is discussed in any

thoughtful Manor. People Who Are Not

racist, Don’t Lie/Claim Things That Are

clearly not True (BLM is not About Any

Racist Hate, It Is A Concerned Minority

Group Just “Publicly” Demanding Equal

(Sure ya do!)

Protection Under The Fucking Law like

we Promise In OUR 14th Amendment)

But when certain people go out of their

way to AVOID Any Conversation it just

‘proves’ those Movements Exact points

We have a Small section of society (30-

17%)who simply don’t care about rules,

laws, facts, or reality. They will literally

pretend things are Real/factual in order


to suit a Failed World view of hate. Bad

news for them’s reality has a funny way

always be correct no matter who wants

It Different. This Is Gonna Sting A Little

NOTE : Trumps ‘Merica Now Has A Pedophile
Convicted Felon Openly Running For Office &
Spewing Racist Nazi Shit under the Banner Of
Getting Rid Of “Political Correctness” Well He
Sounds Like A Trumper To All Of Society Now
NOTE II: Seems The Whore House, Ooooops I
Mean The Whites Only House Hates The Word
“Cunt”. Unless It’s Roseanne, Scott Baio, And
Republicans Calling Hillary, That Word. Bravo
They Are, The BIGGEST Hypocrite Lyin’ Fucks
Remember When They All Yelled “Stop That It
Is WRONG!?!?!?!?”. Yeah, Me Fucking Neither

Have a weekend!

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