Cohen Tell & Running Away…

April 13th, 2018

Michael Cohen, is In A World of Trouble

and going down faster than a plane with

(<-Lie Holes)

no wings. It’s So Bad these days, that he

is yelling “Hey, you can’t Look at Any of

these Documents!”; which is like Telling

the Cops, “Whatever You Do, Don’t look

under my back porch 6 Feet down, OK?”

They Already GOT Your Shit, you are so

royally Fucked….and so Is Trump/Every

One Around Him. Notice, Pence Is VERY

quiet?!?! His Lawyers Told Him to SHUT

UP & he, knowing he’s fucked to, listens


It’s getting to “Bad” out there for talking

heads & ALL Republicans They are even

“Running away” from reality & elections

There is no Good news if you’re a TeaOP

Republican Now. Trump is Always Yours!

NOTE: The Orange Anus Pardoned Scooter
“I Out Agents” Libby. Let Us Forget He Was
Already Commuted & Had All His Rights So
Why Now?!?! This Is A DIG At Comey Since
He Put Patrick Fitzgerald, The Guy Who Did
Find Him “Guilty”, In Place. This Is Another
Attack All On The Law Sayin’ “Commit ANY
Crimes You Like, I’ll Pardon Your Lying Ass”

Have a weekend!

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