Everything is Trumpland Is falling apart

Donny is losing his Shit Tweeting in ALL


Caps “WITCH HUNT” Which, Was My All

time Favorite Salem Show of the 1600’s

You have the Far Right screaming lies &

saying “But, But, but His Attorney Client

Privilege is Being Violated!”. No, No It is

not. See the “Crime-Fraud Exception” is

clearly in Play Here. Since, You Know all

criminals would Just Hide Behind that In

(“No jail!”)

every case from here until the enda time

They are ALL Going down here folks. It’s

not a Game. These Are Massively serious

crimes that some a these ages’ll be jailed

until Death/They Expire. Toast. Tick Tock

Suckerberg on The Hill was the shit show

we all Knew it would be. Silly odd probes

and lots Of “Unlike’s”. Old Farts trying to


talk “Tech” is SO Unnerving. There is NO

emoji for Shaking your Old fist on a lawn

And, it’s horrible for our Country that we

are even ‘here’ right now At this moment

right Now. The End?!? No. The beginning

of New day?!?!?! Sounds way More like it

NOTE: 1 TJ Miller, Who I Did A Zanies Show
With Once, Was Arrested, For A Fake Bomb
Threat. Oh Boy. Slow Down On The Boooze!
This Reeks Of A Drunk Makin’ Bad Decisions
Or What We Call a Tuesday Here In Chicago
NOTE II: Another Cabinet Member Bites The
Dust. Tom Bossart DHS Advisor Leaves And
It’s All Over John Bolton Coming In Oooops!

Have a day!

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