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You Got Subpoenaed Sucker!

March 15th, 2018

The Trump Organization, Has Just Been officially subpoenaed for em 2 produce all Russia Related (So Much Winning!) documents. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooops I am Calling It Right Now. This is the beginning of the End For Trump and Crew. All of them are going Down. Remember When Trump Said that Mueller would be crossing a “Red Line” […]

Conor Lamb wins in a HUGE upset in PA The Voters showed up. Turn out was big (20 Pt Swing) & Lamb won by 627 Votes. There is not a “Recount” Triggered, Since It Is A District race. My best “guess” is Saccone will be a shitty loser, They will Pay for a recount & […]

Today’s a Big day. Because the Orange Anus “Fired” Rex Tillerson For Making a (“I’m What?!?”) Comment About Russia Nerve Gassing someone?!?!? Nope. How about Betsey DeVos’s being Damaged Badly by A 60 Minutes Batshticrazy interview?!?!? Oh, or how about Trump’s close aid getting escorted out of the “Building” not even letting him collect his […]

Sick Today…

March 12th, 2018

Knock out Cold. Sorry, no Excuses from me Just gotta get sleep and bounce back with a ton of Work to do this Week. Tomorrow you get DeVos destroyed, Republicans seal their fate, porch package racial bombs. Digusting Have a day!

Louis Farrakhan is simply The Racist Nazi Alt-Right in black Face With A Bow Tie. He is the exact same (This Much Racist!) hateful Views, Just With Another Color. He’d Really get along Fine With The Racists Because they all do share their views of Racist Hate. Doesn’t matter the color Of The Racist. ALL […]

White House Consul Donald McGahn Has placed the entire Drumpf White house on (Oooops) “Felony Watch”. Trump asked him to fire Mueller in July. And McGahn Told all this to Mueller. Then McGahn Had to Remind Orange anus he ordered this. Trump lied again Claiming, He Never Did. So Donald went Back Telling Mueller About […]

The entire White House these days looks more like the Turnover rates at a Rendering Plant or (Sure it is) some Horribly Shitty Telemarketing Company Economic adviser and plutocratic racist moron enabler Gary Cohn’s gone. He said it was over “tariffs”. It wasn’t. He stayed for racist lies, he stayed for The Most lunatic bullshit […]

It seems These Days most all Republicans are either trying to law low or scream “Fake news” (I’m Fake News) One Crazy nutter named Claudia Tenney said, “It’s interesting that so many of these people that commit the massmurders end up bein Democrats. But………the media doesn’t talk about that either” That’d be Because it’s NOT […]

It Seems Sam Nunberg Thinks that Grand Jury “Subpoena’s”, Are Just “Optional” like Replying (“Is this bad?!”) to E-Vites, Or Additional Insurance For Rentals He said & I Quote, “This is ridiculous! Should I spend 80 Hours Going Over All my Emails with Roger [Stone] and with Steve Bannon?”. Yes It was that ‘Subpoena’ is […]

The Entire Country From Mueller Targeting Kushner directly in his legal cross hairs. And Trump trying to (Son, Ur Done!) used Tariffs to pay for Tax Cuts for the top 1% while massively Failing. You Can’t Make this up. With all of this Shit, Dump’s Only Focus is on Alex Baldwin. HA! His tweets are […]

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