These dayz in “Trumpland” all the rides are

shut Down “Rusting”, All the People already

(Coming Down!)

ran for The Exits and The only folks who are

left in the Park, will be charged with treason

or worse. Why would you fire a guy who’s a

day away From Retirement?!?! Just to be an

evil hateful prick sociopath Obstructionist to

distract from An impending Jail Sentence. It

is pretty Clear, Trump Is not Only Unhinged

He knows what’s coming Because he DID IT

Forget Jeff Sessions Just Violated His “legal”

(<-Illegal Elf!)

recusal by now actively firing McCabe. Oops

See, When I say “I recuse myself” that Does

not Mean I can just Pop back In & out of the

ONGOING investigation ‘Firing’ people in the

FBI. They Are like Children Fucking Up Their

massive fuck ups. Kid burns an entire rug so

they cover it up with Dog Shit making it that

much Worse Thinking “There, that solved it!”

DeVos is mocked daily, Trump is so Terrified


knowing he’s “caught” with tweets telling us

it, Bannon’s running around the globe trying

to get racists up In arms While Failing and it

all comes Down 2 Cambridge Analytica from

the election Cycle telling us they “stole” data

It’s all over but the Crying, & our oceans will

rise from all the impending Tears. Tick Tock!

NOTE: The 4th Bombing In Austin, Leaves Us
All Less Safe, Everyday. It Still Appears To Be
Racially Motivated, & The New Trip Wire Does
Make It, That Much More Terrifying, For KIDS
NOTE II: Court Ruling, Favors Democrats But,
WHY Have Gerrymandering At All?!?!?!?! That
Is Constitutionally Evil. One Citizen, One Vote
This Should NEVER Be Happening In The US!!

Have a day!

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