Everybody “Hates” Trump…

September 25th, 2017

It’s seems no matter who it is, or what

Horribly Vile, Tone Deaf Hate Was Just

(We know)

spewed……everybody is turning on the

Orange Anus. The Latest, Is The NFL &

Lebron James. Trump Doesn’t Get Our

1st Amendment, as most fascist do not

See, the Reason people fight for all our

Freedom’s As Bolger’s Have Done in all

the Centuries….was for the right of any

citizen To freely Express Themselves &

Honor Our US Constitution, That Those


before us all have sacrificed so much 4

To even have this amazing freedom but

to not grasp why, is disgusting evil that

is Unworthy of Respect. Make no errors

here. Trump seeks to Assault Freedoms,

divide us, and Spew Hate non-stop. Yet,

that’s not who were are. It never was &

is Painfully Clear in the Unity Of Teams,

coaches, owners, citizens and all human

beings In This Country. When LB James

& Known cheat like Brady Calls You Out,

(We know!)

as a hate fraud, shit isn’t going your way

One doesn’t Have to Agree With A Stand

To “Understand” it. It Just So Happens, I

Also Agree with it. See, Bolger’s fight for

those who Can not Fight For Themselves

NOTE: Well…….Graham & Cassidy Fucking
LIED. Their Hate Bill, Attacks Pre-Existing
Conditions. These Vile, Evil, Pricks Should
Be ‘Voted Out’ Yesterday, & Will Politically
Suffer, For ALL This Insane Lying Bullshit!

Have a day!

One Response to “Everybody “Hates” Trump…”

  1. John Bolger

    Yes they do, did & always will. Some idiots will love that racist criminal. Not many!

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